Today’s prompt: Stubborn


Stubbornness is a double-edged sword.  It carries with it both strength and weakness.

I wield my stubbornness in times of battle – gripping firmly to the ideals I hold dear.  In battle I use it to strike against injustice, greed, cruelty…pain, fear, grief and loss.  I hold onto stubborn rage until I can no longer hold on.

Even after the battle has ended I hold stubbornly onto resolve to continue the fight.

I lift up my stubbornness as a shield to ward off those who may attack.  I lift my stubbornness high as a scepter to be seen and feared.

I wrap myself in stubbornness – hoping that the cloak keeps the eyes away from what is underneath.  If the cloak of stubbornness is wrapped tightly enough, maybe they will not see the pain underneath.  The uncertainties, anxiety, worry, and fear that stubbornness holds in check.

Fiercely I wield the sword of stubbornness, draped in the cloak of stubbornness all the while shielding the worry, fear, and anxiety from the light of day.  In the darkness of night I silently stroking the inner fears that I know so well.  This is the routine that I have performed for eons.  This is the fight that has hammered this particular player into a “survivor.”  Keep the weakness under wraps, show no fear.  “Fake it ‘till you make it” stubborn mentality will get you through anything.

What the wielders of stubbornness won’t tell you is that sometimes…while fighting the battles and cutting down the “enemy” there are fellow warriors that are cut down by your sword of stubbornness.  Sometimes…the indiscriminate thrusting, lunging and advancement hurts those who are trying to help.  The accidental glancing blows from the sword of stubbornness can sometimes draw blood from those you care about.  The cuts and bruises from the sword cause those who care to recoil in pain and distance themselves from the wielder.

To the wielders of the sword of stubbornness: take care who comes under the blow of your sword and when the wielder finds himself harmed in battle, as you surely will, allow yourself to be tended to by others.  Open the cloak and shine the light of the sun on your fears, anxiety, and worries.  You may find that those festering inner fears will shrink in the light of love.  They many never be eliminated.  Fellow survivors will understand that the darkness of pain, fear, and loss will never be gone and sometimes it is considered a small victory if the black hole of pain shrinks just a little bit.


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