via Daily Prompt: Paint


Painting pictures of you

Eighteen years, ten months, and eighteen days

A picture a day

6895 daily pictures

Each picture uniquely different, but uniquely you

Picture 1 – just me and you

Two colors entwined in a sonrise

The world celebrates as you have arrived


Picture 680 – we add Rin to the family

A new color added that will be included in every picture

The world celebrates as she has arrived


Primary colors of red, blue, green, and yellow

Are mixed with the brown of earth

Hot wheels, blocks, and sticks making

Race tracks in the dirt

The bright yellow sun shining on pure life

Making memories, growing happiness


So many pictures of life, love, and happiness

Hard times, too

Pictures colored with fear and sadness

Divorce, families changing, moving

The three colors – you, me, and Rin

Present in every picture

Sometimes in the background shining light and love

Taking joy in happiness of your adventure

Sometimes off to the side

Bearing witness to the beauty of you


Picture – 2954 Gem arrives bringing a new color

Picture – 3046 a dark day and Gem’s color becomes

A color that is woven into every day


Each night before sleep arrives the picture of the day

Is painted with the shades of browns and golds of your eyes

The brown mud tracked through the house

The shiny black grease that stains my good towels

The grass stains of football that colors your jeans

Carhart brown, John Deere Green, Papé yellow

The purple and gold of your school colors

The pink in the blush of your cheeks

The pale brown of your birth marks

The teal green of your tooth brush

The brown ring of dirt left in the bathtub

All the colors of your world covering every picture

Proof of your life, the passionate way you lived

6895 pictures with a myriad of colors

Moving and mixing

Colors appearing and disappearing

Flashes of brilliance and disappointments

Painting pictures of life


Your 6895 pictures have been part of every one of mine.

Your 6895th picture is burnt into my 14, 473rd picture and

Every picture since then.

The color of Roo is woven through every day.




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