Daily Prompt: Elicit

via Daily Prompt: Elicit

It’s the littlest things that make me catch my breath… the sight of Rin wearing your sweatshirt, Joe bringing home eggnog before Thanksgiving thinking it will get used, but he forgot that it’s you who guzzles it down so quickly – not us… the smell of you when the door to your room is opened telling me that someone has broken the seal to the past – even for just a moment…


It’s being in the middle of a conversation with someone who didn’t know you and I drop a little nugget of you in without them knowing – how it hurts my heart they don’t realize the treasure I have shared with them…


It’s the holidays… the damned holidays… it’s the coming together of family when family isn’t complete… it’s the pretending that I’m not breaking a little more inside without you while waiting for you to come through the door, larger than life, with some fanciful and outrageous story to tell…


I guess it’s almost everything that evokes, extracts, elicits memories and yearning for you.  It’s not the same, Roo, without you.  Nothing will ever be the same…


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